Pet Shirts

What did you do to show your love, loyalty, sympathy with our canine friends? Most of pets owner just do take care of their pets by such as taking a walk with pets, feeding them, grooming the hair of their pets. Besides, only a small group of dog keepers think about wearing shirts with printed cute slogans, which makes people surrounding them know that they are good bosses somehow. 

pet shirtsdog shirts

Does any lady dare wear these pets shirt?
The Shirt make you look much prettier with pink. Moreover, your friends will know you are a kind of adoring dog owner with this cute saying “The more people I meet, the more I love my dog”.

 dog shirtsPet shirts

How can you imagine life without dogs? Celebrate how much dogs enjoy our lives with this cute new design!
dog shirts

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You are a strong girl, and you do not like pink. We have many choices for you with black or dark colors.

dog shirts
What do you think about these designs? “This is my dog hair shirt!”, “You can’but you can rescue it” or “The Good, The Bad and The Pugly?” Which one will you choose?
We also have some designs for people who are Pit Bull’s fans. Have a look and choose which one is suitable for you.

dog shirts
If you are real Pit Bull “Lovers”, I bet you are going to love these shirts, and wear it proudly as you support Pit Bulls!
dog shirts

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Besides that, we have some pet shirts for people who are cat owners. Moreover, the variety of designs, corlors will satisfy you. Here are some samples.

One more important thing, our pets shirts are made from 100% Cotton. We have full size(S, M, L, XL,...), you can see more detail in the below table.

SIZE Chest in Length in
S 18 27
M 19 28
L 21 29
XL 23 30
2X 25 31
3X 27 32

We hope you will choose the best one for yourself or your girlfriends.
Please contact us to know more detail about our cute pest shirts.

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